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Welcome to my spice cabinet August 10, 2008

Too often I find myself without one of the ingredients to a recipe or maybe something is just plain missing in the recipe itself.  This is the diary of those recipes and hopefully a couple that are just plain right.  I’m an auditor in Northern California getting used to cooking in a place bigger than my former Manhattan kitchen.  I  hope you enjoy the recipes and my photography.





6 Responses to “Welcome to my spice cabinet”

  1. Miss Michelle Says:

    Everything looks so great.
    I know I can trust the chef for these ones!
    Can’t wait to try them out!


    PS the photos are amazing! Is the photographer available for my wedding?

  2. Tex Hurley Says:

    Wow Amanda! These recipes are wonderful and I am looking forward to trying them all out. The comments you added are a tremendous help to the success of the recipe. And the pictures just make one’s mouth water! Oh….a great place to order your spices is Their Chinese cinnamon is especially highly rated!

  3. Amanda, Love the Photos! You are definitely the queen of food blogs. Love all the photos, descriptions, and comments. You NEED some of mine and Granny’s recipes – and I will definitely send them as soon as I get home.
    In describing your attempt to carve the turkey, I already know you just didn’t let it “rest” long enough between roasting and carving. Next time, wait at least 20-30 minutes after getting it out of the oven. You’re to be commended for your efforts!

  4. Granny Says:

    Dear Amanda,
    Good looking stuff!! Beautiful colors~ You should be a photographer!
    How about the thin pancakes I used to serve you and Johnnie – they were a lot thinner and smaller that those on the site. Will send the recipe.

  5. Terri Hurley Says:

    We should be trying to find some wonderful Hawaiian recipes so we can do some fun cooking while we are in Oahu for Christmas!

  6. elizabeth Micale Says:

    Wonderful recipes

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