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Recipe for a Perfect Daughter February 22, 2009

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My dad sent me a sweet Valentine’s day card that fits in perfectly with my blog!

Recipe for a Perfect Daughter:
2 cups of sugar
dash of spice
1 cup of everything nice

Combine ingredients, stirring until well-blended and sweet. Keep in a warm safe place and allow muxtire to rise. For best results, season with TLC, but avoid spoiling. (Compliments to the chef!)


3 Responses to “Recipe for a Perfect Daughter”

  1. Cookie Says:

    Hey there! What happened to you? I guess you must be busy. Anyway…just wanted to let you know that my Platinum Chef Challenge #13 is up. Please join if you have the time! Thanks!

  2. Kelsey Says:

    What a sweet Daddy you have!

  3. Your daughter must be as great as mine. Congradulations.

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